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Kelly Wrathall, D.C.


Originally from Nova Scotia, Dr. Kelly spent most of her life in Georgia and Tennessee. She enjoyed dancing from age 4 until 17 but then developed a love of horses and spent all her spare time learning to ride. After a significant injury from being thrown off a horse, she was introduced to chiropractic.

Dr. Kelly graduated with a BSN from Tennessee Technological University and worked as a ER nurse for many years. During her nursing career she suffered from severe allergies, digestive issues, thyroid dysfunction, severe back pain and frequent upper respiratory infections which were greatly affecting her daily life.

In 2013, while contemplating a career change, she was introduced to a different kind of chiropractic office that educated her about her spine and nervous system, and the importance of wellness care. That office used Torque Release Technique, which she preferred over the forceful techniques that had caused her discomfort in the past. After about 3 months of care, not only did her back feel better, but she was able to discontinue her allergy and thyroid medications and no longer got frequent upper respiratory infections, her digestive issues significantly lessened.

Dr. Kelly felt called to Chiropractic as the way she was meant to help people get to the root cause of their health concerns, and find true healing. She left her career in nursing and enrolled at Life University, where she graduated with honors in 2018.

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